We’re getting a lot of questions about our product…

So we thought we’d put up a quick FAQ.

Q: What scale are your figures?

A:  They’re a 4″ scale, similar to modern GI Joes and Star Wars.

Q:  When will your figures be available?

A:  The plan is to have our Kickstarter campaign up soon, and if that’s successful, have the product ready to ship to consumers late this year/early next year

Q:  Are you only doing Greek Mythology figures?

A:  Nope, as we’ve said before “THERE ARE NO LIMITS”.  See teasers for upcoming assortments elsewhere on the site!

Q:  What price will your figures be?

A:  We’re still working that out.

Q:  Why can’t you just do versions of (insert existing product line here)?

A:  We wanted to do something that could be a creative vehicle for EVERYTHING we always wanted to see as awesome toys.  We think it’s way cooler to give you guys something you haven’t been able to get before!  If things go well, we have more, really diverse product lines planned for the future – not just 4″ scale figures!

Q:  Can you make me a custom figure?

A:  Well, yes and no (mostly no).  We’re fans and customizers, but we’re also professionals.  This is our job – not a hobby, and that means we charge *professional rates* (i.e.: many thousands of dollars).

Q:  When can we see more of your product?

A:  Keep checking this site, our Facebook and Twitter, and you’re sure to see the reveals as they happen, and don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter!

Q:  Will you offer blank versions of your figure bodies for customizers?

A:  That’s something we’ve talked about a great deal, and will likely be offered as a stretch-goal in our kickstarter campaign.

Q:  Why don’t you just take over (insert existing brand here)?

A:  While we’re all fans, the right opportunity of this nature has not become available to us yet, so for now we’re concentrating on a mix of our own, original creations and contract work.

Q:  I write for an internet site or other press outlet, how can I get an interview with you?

A:  Your best avenue is to email us at bossfightstudio @ gmail.com (remove spaces, duh), with “Interview inquiry” in the subject line.

Q: I have some questions/praise/comments for you.  How should I contact you?

A:  Please contact us through Facebook or Twitter!



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