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Bringing some updates to the revised site –

Hi Boss-Fighters!

This is the big one. We have the process rolling to our satisfaction and we can finally announce dates. But first, a little background:

When we started Boss Fight Studio almost two and a half years ago, we knew we wanted to do more than freelance development for other companies – our main goal was to develop our own product. Something without compromise, that we could stand behind, that would be among the best collectible toys out there. Thanks to all of you, the Kickstarter campaign was successful beyond all expectations. Since this was our first crowd funding campaign, the flip side of this success was that we ended up adding far more items than we had initially planned on, and development on those additional items took time.

As many of you already know, we’ve also been dealing with some manufacturing hiccups on the product for our friends at Marauder “Gun-Runners”. We’ve been intimately involved with the entire process, and Marauder is using the same factory that we’d already sourced for HACKS. We wanted to make sure that the Marauder Task Force figures were dead-on, primarily to follow through with our friend Marauder John, but also because, if the factory that we’re partnered with couldn’t get these right, it wasn’t going to be the right place for Vitruvian HACKS.

Well, we’re happy to report that the factory went above and beyond to meet the high quality expectations of MGR and BFS. Including completely re-running the entire production run of MTF figures, and hiring new employees to do exacting quality-control checks. On our recent trip to China, we were able to witness these changes first hand and reaffirm that we are partnered with the right people, who care about delivering top-notch products. Partners who are 100% committed to forging long lasting relationships, with both BFS and MGR, for years to come. The delay to our original manufacturing window was significant, but in the end, it will be worth it.
With production and shipment of the Marauder Task Force figures, wrapped up in June, Our factory partners were freed up to continue tooling preparations for Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. and have been working fast and furiously. Up until this point, we did not have a solid delivery window, and for that, we apologize. We know you guys have been waiting a long time.

We have been told to expect our first test-shots for review in the middle of August. This represents a significant milestone in the process and we cant wait to share photos with you all! We have also been informed that, due to the large number of items, production of our order will be split into two groups shipping approximately one month apart. If all goes relatively smoothly, we are looking at a 4th quarter delivery window. We wish it was sooner, but the complexity of the figures and sheer number of items will take time to manufacture. We can’t thank you guys enough for your support and patience. When we have more info, pics, whatever, they’ll be passed on to you without delay.

Best wishes,
Andrew, Fred, Dave, Erik and Catrina.

6 thoughts on “Production Updates!”

  1. I am a huge fan of ancient history, and I collect figures. Your greek mythology line of figures has me doing a happy dance every day. I cannot wait for these to be available. How will you market them? Toys R Us? retail stores? or will they be an online only kind of purchase? also what will the retail cost be for single figures? I plan to army build with these, and make some new dioramas for these figures. If it interests anyone at Bossfight, I am an industrial designer who worked in the toy industry at one time. I am quite good at diorama building, and I could easily knock out some VERY COOL dioramas for you to use for trade shows, just to add some sense of scale, and maybe a little extra punch (not that your figure line needs any extra punch) I would like to invite you guys to have a look at my site, to see some of my own diorama work. I did some work for a french toy company called Papo that makes non-articulated figures. I would LOVE to help if there is a need. Thank You!!!! for making some of the coolest figures I have seen in a long time. I wish you much success with this line, and many more to come.

    1. Once product manufacture has been completed and product is in we will make our figures available for pre-sale on the website. Release dates and additional information will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

  2. I missed out on the Kickstarter, but I’m excited that these will be available in the not too distant future. The work you guys did on the MTF figures is fantastic, they’re some of my favorite toys in recent memory. I’m looking forward to future HACKS lines!

    Do you guys have any plans for future lines? Maybe a samurai/ninja series? I’d buy the crap out of some samurai HACKS.

    1. Thank you! There are a few plans for the future lines. At this point a fantasy line will be next and a sci-fi line will follow. All future lines are still under discussion and will be revealed as things are further solidified. Do feel free to “like” us on Facebook if you would like to get updates.

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