FAQ for our new followers

Howdy to all of our new followers! Just to make things clear on some frequently asked questions-
1. Our V-HACKS figures are available for pre-order on our webstore. They will be shipping after the Kickstarter shipments have been completed.
2. We *will* ship internationally.
3. Our figures will be for sale primarily through our own web store and select collectible stores. They will not be for sale at mass-market retailers at this time.
4. Our figures are *adult collectibles* intended for ages 15 and up. They are not toys for children, and have not been safety tested for that purpose.
5. Kickstarter orders will ship before any other orders.


5 thoughts on “FAQ for our new followers”

  1. Which 16 colors come in the all in package of the make and female blank bucks? I tried guessing based on the pictures online but cannot tell the difference between the dark gray and the black. Could some one please tell me the colors for the 8 male and 8 female blanks in the all in please.

    1. Males-
      Shadow Gray
      Transparent Orange
      Hero Blue
      Tree Bark Brown
      Bio (Transparent Blue)
      Obsidian Black
      Lipstick Red
      Sunny Wheat

      Champagne Beige
      Python Purple
      Lipstick Red
      Obsidian black
      Sunset Orange
      Walnut Brown
      Blush Pink
      Hero Blue

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