Q: “When will my preorder ship?”
A: All confirmed KS orders have shipped, and we’re already shipping preorders. Please be patient, we have over 1000 orders to get through. If we took the time to personally confirm status on every persons order, that would be a lot fewer packages going out every day.
Q: “Where are my Kickstarter Rewards? I have not yet received them.”
A: Either you never confirmed your address or something has gone wrong. Please email with your supporter info.
Q: “When will items on change status from preorder to in stock?”
A: Once we’ve shipped a significant portion of the existing preorders, we will flip the items on the store to ‘in stock’.
Q: “Will there be additional stock on of the items marked ‘sold out’?”
A: Yes. There will be limited additional stock on these items when we flip the store status to ‘in stock’.
Q: “When will I be able to preorder the new items you showed at MegaCon?”
A: Later this year.

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