Updated FAQ for July 2017

Hi Boss-Fighters, we thought this was a good time to post an updated FAQ based on some of the questions we’ve been seeing recently.

Q. Why does Boss Fight Studio offer pre-orders? Why not just sell items when they come into stock?
A. As a small locally – owned business in Massachusetts, we need to work efficiently with our funding. We run pre-orders to ensure that we are able to fund our development costs. Tooling and production costs of limited quantity, high quality, high-end collector action figures are significant. Your pre-order investments directly help to pay for our present and future development.

Q. Why should I buy my collectibles from a small business vs a giant multinational corporation?
A. Boss Fight Studio is a small business that currently employs
just seven people full time. When you buy our products, you are supporting not only our families, but also our vendors and other small business partners. Everyone who is actively working to bring you even more high-quality collectibles. By supporting Boys Fight Studio, you are driving the marketplace to foster greater support for a high attention to detail, unique brand expressions, and you show that you demand more high quality collectible creation.

Q. Other than Bossfightshop.com, where can I purchase your products?
A. Our Asian-region authorized distribution partner is Locker Toys (lockertoys.com).
We are now carried by Diamond Comics Distributors
(http://diamondcomics.com) – if Boss Fight products aren’t in your local comic shop yet, be sure to ask them to order Boss Fight Studio products!
Additionally, our product lines are sold by:  Bigbadtoystore.com, In Demand Toys in Norfolk UK, Nonstop Trading Corp. in Tokyo, Needless Toys and Collectibles in North Carolina, FunkyTown Toys, LLC in Michigan, Kapow Toys Limited in Norwich UK, ROMA collectibles in Springfield Ohio, Action Figure Headquarters in Ogdensburg New York, The Toy Vault in Rhode Island and Connecticut, Kokomo Toys in Indiana, Big Boy Collectibles in Brooklyn New York, Hobby Bunker, Inc in Malden MA, NJ Toys and Collectibles in Morris Plains New Jersey, All The Cool Stuff Fordingbridge UK, Comicazi in Somerville MA, and more weekly!

Q: My order is missing an item or something in my order arrived damaged. What should I do?
A: Please email info@bossfightstudio.com with your order info and a clear list of which parts are missing.

Q: What scale are your figures?
A: Vitruvian HACKS figures are 4″ / 1/18th scale. The Bucky O’Hare figures are technically a 1/12th or 6″ scale, but many of the characters are quite short and thus are closer to 4-4.5″ in height.

1 thought on “Updated FAQ for July 2017”

  1. Met you guys / gals recently at RI-CON and was BEYOND IMPRESSED with everything. I had no idea your local or of the Hasbro connections (made perfect sense) since I had seen your products at toy vault an extensively online used for custom action figures.

    Anyway… I noticed your lines are expanding… The Bucky figures are masterpieces…. But I had a thought in my head, one I could not pin point till later… Then it hit me like a pile of bricks… The one independent franchise that not only has NEVER done 3 3/4 – 4 inch and is sooo massive with both detail and characters (never ending) that anything could be done and has a large international fan base to sell too:

    2000 AD (Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper, etc.).

    The scope is LIMITLESS since they have 40 years of publication and countless genre of material.

    I require ZERO response to this message. Just wanted to “plant the seed”. Please look into/consider it since its soo untapped in potential is actually scary (look up what company’s have offered from it vs. What 2000 AD has and you will see).

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