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  1. You guys and girl do a superb job! Bring back justice to 3.75 / 4 inch collectors and obtain the He-Man and She-Ra license. No offense to Funko / Reaction 3.75 and their recent take on the MOTU license. Its just your studio’s attention to detail and superb articulation; is simply BOSS.

    1. Thank you for your support and appreciation of Boss Fight Studio. At this point in our company’s trajectory we are focusing our attention on growing our own lines before looking into licensing. We intend to focus our energy on bringing our consumers the best products we can.

  2. I love your body of work, I’ve always wanted to delve into the field of making action figures, i mainly draw been doing it since 6yrs old, got kicked out of art and design in new york..lol, l customize marvel & gijoe figs….I’ve been a fan of gijoe for a very long time..keep up the good work…oh yeah, what type of sculpting wax do you use?

    1. Thank you for your support! We of all people know it is never to late to start making figures. Best of luck in your work.

      In regards to the sculpting wax, we used to make a special blend of sculpting wax called “Hasbro wax,” however, there is a version of it available for sale. It’s called Azbro wax and is sold on the complete sculptor website – http://shop.sculpt.com/azbrowax-3lb-block/dp/768. This type of wax is very hard and not malleable. You need to use a hot wax pen to move the material around. Here is one of the preferred types of wax pens – https://contenti.com/electric-wax-worker. Other main tools for working and finishing include X-acto blades, dental tools and sand paper. We do a lot of work with a 3D modeling program called ZBrush – http://pixologic.com/.

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