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Gorgon before the Curse

Once the most beautiful of the three Gorgon sisters, Medusa wanted only to please the gods and gain their favor. Unfortunately, her beauty caught the attention of the sea god Poseidon, who trapped Medusa in Athena’s temple, cornered her and brutalized her. Viewing this as a desecration of her temple, Athena cursed Medusa, turning her into the most monstrous of the Gorgons.



Eternal Warrior of Bronze

Commonly thought to be a giant bronze man, Talos is actually the name of a small group of four identical, enchanted, bronze statues, the eternal protectors of the island of Crete. Gifts from Zeus, they roamed the shorelines of Crete, protecting Queen Europa from marauders, pirates, and threats from below the waves.


Tartarus Guard

Guardian of the Underworld

Tartarus is the lowest level of the Underworld, where the truly wicked receive eternal punishment. Only the greatest warriors are honored with the strength and reflexes of the gods in order to carry out their duties as guardians. They are eternal sentinels, tasked with guarding the gates of Tartarus, not to keep intruders out, but to keep the prisoners in.


Celestial Perseus vs. Celestial Medusa

Memorial in the Heavens

Perseus and Medusa’s eternal struggle will wage for all eternity in myth and in the very stars themselves. The constellations of Perseus and the Hydra will be forever locked in battle for all to see, a constant reminder of good and evil.


Un-Dead Warrior vs. Ringneck Gorgon

The Eternal Struggle

When Hades needs warriors to defend his realm or to achieve his goals in the land of the living, he plucks a fallen warrior from the river Styx and sends them out to do his bidding. These warriors are single-minded and will do anything to achieve their goals. They are nearly impossible to best in battle, but even they struggle to defeat the vicious Ringneck Gorgons. Quiet and smart, these Gorgons use their tactical knowledge and efficiency to assess the situation and determine how to win a fight within seconds.


Afterlife Spartan vs. Afterlife Gorgon

Ghosts of the Battlefield

The battle between the Gorgons and mankind is brutal and, in some cases, eternal. Some mighty warriors on both sides refuse to pass on to the Underworld and remain trapped in ghostly form. Their sworn oaths keep them locked in an eternal battle until victory is achieved. Trapped forever, these lost souls fight for eternity against one another in a battle neither can ever win.

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