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Updated FAQ

Q: “When will my order ship?”
A: All confirmed KS orders have shipped, preorders have shipped and we are now shipping live “in-stock” orders. PLEASE be patient as we are a small company and demand has outstripped our ability to ship as quickly as we’d like.
If you have a concern about your order (such as the address may not be correct), please email

Q: “My order is missing an item or something in my order arrived damaged. What should I do?”
A: Please email with your order info and a clear list of which parts are missing.

Q:”How can I get new, upcoming items that you’ve shown like V-HACKS wv5?”
A: These items are currently up for pre-order on

Q: “Where are my Kickstarter Rewards? I have not yet received them.”
A: Either you never confirmed your address or something has gone wrong. Please email with your supporter info.

Q: “Will there be additional stock on of the items marked ‘sold out’?”
A: A very small number of items may come back into stock. Some are gone for good.

Q: “What scale are your figures?”
A: Vitruvian HACKS figures are 4″ / 1/18th scale.

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Hello Boss-Fighters,

We’ve got some exciting news and announcements for you today. First and foremost, the existing pre-orders are all packed up and awaiting shipping, and inventory is done, so it’s time to announce that as of this morning, is flipped to IN-STOCK status! You’ll note that many items have come back into stock, though quantities on some are limited. We’ve also added a small quantity of some remaining ‘Army Builder’ sets – these are *bagged* figures in packs of five – get them while you can – there won’t be any more of these!

In more store-related news, we recently made available the new Cloud White and Green Blanks, and we have one more new item for you today – the Olympus Blue Accessory Pack! This puppy is a glorious transparent blue and looks great on lots of different figures!

Keep your eyes open for more announcements in the coming weeks. We’ll be having a “scratch and dent sale” on a small quantity of items in damaged packaging! We’ll be announcing pre-orders on Series 1 Wave 5! We have more Blanks and Skeletons to drop!

Now’s a great time to be a Boss-Fighter! Tell your friends!


Boss Fight Studio


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Q: “When will my preorder ship?”
A: All confirmed KS orders have shipped, and we’re already shipping preorders. Please be patient, we have over 1000 orders to get through. If we took the time to personally confirm status on every persons order, that would be a lot fewer packages going out every day.
Q: “Where are my Kickstarter Rewards? I have not yet received them.”
A: Either you never confirmed your address or something has gone wrong. Please email with your supporter info.
Q: “When will items on change status from preorder to in stock?”
A: Once we’ve shipped a significant portion of the existing preorders, we will flip the items on the store to ‘in stock’.
Q: “Will there be additional stock on of the items marked ‘sold out’?”
A: Yes. There will be limited additional stock on these items when we flip the store status to ‘in stock’.
Q: “When will I be able to preorder the new items you showed at MegaCon?”
A: Later this year.
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Final KS shipping announcement and future plans!

Hi Boss-Fighters,

As you read this, we’ve have received the final items from our factory and begun shipping the remainders of KS All-in packages and all other KS orders to supporters along with the prints and freebie figures! We cannot thank you enough for your continued support and patience.

If there are any issues with the figures you receive (missing/incorrect parts, etc.) please contact us at within 30 days of receiving the shipment for replacements. After that, we may not be able to offer any replacements. This 30 day period will be our standard for product issues going forward.

If you have not already done so, please pay a visit to and check out our webstore for additional items. Going forward, will be the home for new product launches and pre-orders. One more thing – stay tuned for a surprise announcement in the near future!

Best always,

Boss Fight Studio

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Links to retailer exclusives

Hey guys, we’ve now put up links in the store banner to our retailer exclusives – The Ultimate Spartan and The Elite Amazon Warrior.  For now, The Elite Amazon Warrior is only available for pre-order to US addresses from Kokomo Toys, but a link will soon be added to “All The Cool Stuff”, a UK retailer that will provide the figure to international fans!

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Arrival timeline and Pre-Orders!

Hi Boss-Fighters! In this update, we’re going to talk about Kickstarter timelines, pre-orders and shipping!

The timeline we have from our factory right now – barring any delays – has the entire production run arriving by early February. Our current goal is to have all Kickstarter orders shipped in February. We’ll be receiving the production run in two parts, the first part in late January. We will be shipping it to backers in two shipments as well, so you can get your toys as early as possible!

We’ll be opening up limited pre-orders for all waves of Series 1 Carded figures, Skeletons, Pre-Curse Medusa, Tartarus Guard, Blanks and Accessory packs on 12:01 EST, Monday December 7th! If you missed out on the Kickstarter and want to be among the first to receive your V-HACKS figures, don’t delay! If you’re already a KS backer, and you want to buy additional items in the pre-order, that’s awesome, but please be aware that we cannot combine shipping on KS items and pre-order items. Pre-Orders will be shipping mid-March to give us time to be sure all of the Kickstarter backers have received all of their items.

Continue reading Arrival timeline and Pre-Orders!

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FAQ for our new followers

Howdy to all of our new followers! Just to make things clear on some frequently asked questions-
1. Our V-HACKS figures are available for pre-order on our webstore. They will be shipping after the Kickstarter shipments have been completed.
2. We *will* ship internationally.
3. Our figures will be for sale primarily through our own web store and select collectible stores. They will not be for sale at mass-market retailers at this time.
4. Our figures are *adult collectibles* intended for ages 15 and up. They are not toys for children, and have not been safety tested for that purpose.
5. Kickstarter orders will ship before any other orders.