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These figures are an exciting evolution of the Vitruvian HACKS story line and in many cases fill specific roles in the timeline.  These exclusives have a tendency to be in high demand and sell out quickly, so don't miss your chance to snap them up when they are available.



Atelis Altered Amazon

Available at Kokomo Toys

With thousands of their warriors falling to Stheno's curse, Penthesilea and the Elite Amazon corps undertook a perilous mission. Raiding the Gorgon camp, they stole Stheno's staff and used it to reverse the conversion spell on their former comrades. Most of the cursed died in the process; the handful who survived became deformed hybrid creatures. Despised by both human and Gorgon alike, these warriors retained their loyalty to the Gorgon Sisters and acted as infiltrators and spies, hoping they would be accepted by the horde once again. Their ability to pass as human allowed them to gain access to places regular Gorgons could not.

Atelis Warriors were adaptable, strong and surprisingly intelligent. Some who survived went their separate ways, living in their own remote areas. It is possible that the stereotypical image of witches with distorted features and special powers has its basis in the tales of the Atelis Warriors.

Blasted Land Orc

Available originally at New Jersey Collectors Convention

These Orcs live in the most noxious environments on Earth: the slopes of active volcanoes. Even quicker to anger than other Orcs, Orcs of the Blasted Land are fiercely protective of their territory and are best given a wide berth. They only leave the surrounds of their homes to scavenge food and weapons, quickly returning to their caves before the Knights of Accord or can mobilize to stop their rampages. The Knights of Accord rarely enter the Blasted Lands; the danger in attacking the red Orcs on their home turf is far too great. Even other Orc clans seem to avoid dealing with them if at all possible as the Blasted Land Orcs consider every other sentient creature to be their enemy. Their violent rages are a sight to behold, not even buildings are left standing when the Blasted Land Orcs pass by.

Mount Vesuvius is thronged with them. Mount Enta contains thousands of their dwellings and Iceland? ...It doesn't bear thinking about. It's lucky that they don't spread out in search of greener pastures. What appears to be Europe is much more tectonically and volcanically active than we would expect, it would appear that the magical surges of the past have caused massive geological upheaval. Blasted Land Orcs have considerably greater strength and stamina than an average human; add to that a violent fury that leaves regular Orcs looking nearly hospitable, and you have a difficult opponent to beat. It may be a blessing that they are intent to stay primarily in their homelands.