The Story of Vitruvian HACKS

Within the perpetually branching river of time, the Vitruvian makes its way, a spherical ship, powered by the very essence of the time stream itself.  Piloted by an expert crew pulled from different era’s in history, the crew of the Vitruvian must travel through time trying to prevent the forces of evil from tearing apart the fabric of reality itself.

In Ancient Greece a Gorgon army emerges, led by the sinister sisters Medusa, Eurayle, and Stheno, the only defense of mankind lying within the combined forces of the demi-Gods and human warriors at the gates.  Even as enchanted corpses rise from their graves and devious combatants crawl from the depths of Hades itself, the Vitruvian must navigate the waters to save humanity without disrupting the cosmos they are sworn to protect.

Jettisoning forward in time, the Vitruvian finds themselves in a world of fantasy where magic rules and knights and elves do battle with orcs and wizards, tapping into the mystical reserves holding the universe together.

The crew of the Vitruvian must be cautious in their attempts to follow the forces of evil throughout time, but as they move from world to world, they begin to realize they aren’t making that voyage alone…